London Lower Body Golf Swing presented by Reeves Weedon

Golf professional in the shop smiling with his book on the shelves behind
The founder of the London Lower Body Golf Swing

It is odd today, when all PGA golfers have all the best medical care, that professional coaches and personal trainers suffer from increasingly worse injuries.

Tiger, Rory and Danny Willet the Masters champion,  seem unable to even finish a tournament. They are outfitted with custom clubs, ballistic golf balls and state of the art art shoes. Added to these advantages, the star golfers play on pristine and manicured courses. Despite this their bodies fail them before the eighteenth. We witness their grimaces, limits and pains, as par for the course of playing professional golf.

It has been ever thus. Golf is a gruelling game that all the advances of modern science and sports medicine can not assuage. Yet didn’t Arnold, Ben, Byron and Slamming Sam play until the day they died? Despite the inferior golf balls, clubs and courses –  their bodies withstood the demanding seventy two hole challenge.

Perhaps the answer lies not in the sport but in the swing?

Beginners, children and adults of all ages are being taught to move the club on a three dimensional swing plane. This is like the times table to math and a dictionary to English – a fundamental. Or is it?

There are various approaches to teaching golf: the conventional P.G.A modern swing, stack and tilt, one plane/two plane and right sided golf methods to name a few. All of the aforementioned have the dreaded AXIS tilt as their main component. This lateral hip shift occurs on the downswing and is activated in all swings to get the club back to the ball. The truth is that this vintage champion moved his legs much more than these newcomers!

It is the lateral shift is the recurring problem in Tiger, Rory and Willet’s swing. It simply inflicts too much torque on the spine! This lateral shift is like a Doctor prescribing “ARSENIC for a bellyache”. So is there any solution to the modern swing pitfalls?

There is! And that’s why you found this website………..Change the way you swing the club and loss of distance is guaranteed.

I give you the Lower Body Swing discovered and introduced by Reeves Weedon, a Fellow of the P.G.A from London, U.K.

Weedon’s published research eradicates any lateral motion in the swing. He invented the transverse body pivot which has a front to back (toe to heel) back to front (heel to toe) weight shift. This action feels that you are pushing into and against the ground to create pure rotation. It creates no lateral motion therefore reduces the torque on the spine. Along with your left arm under your right shoulder and loft on the club face (grooves pointing to the sky) on the back swing.

These three motions are unique to the LBS. It introduces a unique kinaesthetic feel consistently in synchrony with the laws of physics and mathematics.

It is a matter of mechanics over opinion.

Weedon is bringing this golf changing concept to Marquette.

He hopes to entice Tiger, Rory and young Willet to his new Golf Rehabilitation Centre opening in your town May 1st 2017.


The London Lower Body Golf Swing