We work with clients of all stages of pain.

If you are first experiencing musculo-skeletal problems it is imperative that you allow us to assess you as soon as possible.


Watch one of our Elite golfers in full motion below


A lot of golfers we have treated have been prevented from continued playing from lower back injuries created by excessive lateral movement. It is at this stage we can correct the problems by replacing the lateral motions with injury preventing rotational equivalents.


Lastly, we deal with professionals to beginners who wish to play golf at some point in their lives and prolong their golfing activites. At such a delicate time, it is vital that you change any old habits and get the right level of knowledge to advance with your well-being in mind.

Wooden doll with hand on lower back hunched over with back pain
Don’t get injured by using the same swing. Come and see us to for a overhaul on how to play the game safely for years to come